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Black Forest Dark Dining Experience- Friday-Saturday, 5PM &7PM Seating's

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What is Black Forest Dark Dining?

      Dine without removing your sense of sight, your other senses such as taste and smell are more heightened. Your group uses these “Superpowers” to figure out each of the 7 courses of this Fine Dining Trivia Experience. Once you complete the experience you will have the opportunity to review the menu.

     Chef has tastefully created food that will excite your taste buds at a fine dining level with items you most likely have enjoyed in your life.

         You will remember this for years to come!

"Making Memories That Last"


Why Blind Folds instead of Night Vision Goggles?

The Washington Liquor Control Board will not let us serve alcohol in complete darkness.  We are working with them to get the rules changed, which they seem interested in doing...but this is on government time, not ours...

What if people have food allergies?
We can accommodate for most food allergies if we know about them at the point of reservation. We use a very special process

What is the cost?
The cost is $70 per guest and includes a 7 course dinner plus an experience you will be talking about for months…if not years.

What is the right group size?

Couples are going through the experience and enjoying it. We are seeing dynamics shift with groups of 4-6. Significant more social interaction and participation...and tends to be more fun!

What about people who are Vegan or Vegetarian?

We have Vegan and Vegetarian options. We just need to know at the point of reservations.

What kind of Food will be served?
Chef has prepared fun, tasteful fine dining courses that you most likely have had in your life, but are not on the current menu. We are not serving exotic foods...but just having fun with your palate. 

How do People get to their seats in Black Forest?
Servers will guide you to your seats via a Conga line. Each person will put their hands on the shoulders of the person in front of them. A server wearing night vision goggles will guide the group to their table. The server will then guide each person one by one and help them be seated. The reverse happens to leave the Black Forest.

How long does Black Forest Experience last?
Each adventure last approximately 1.25-1.5 hours.

What is the required dress code?
Who cares….No one can see...?

How do you eat?
Is it all finger foods? You will have some finger foods, but you will also eat with spoons and forks (No Sharp knives…). It’s part of the experience…and YES, you can do this. Lots of groups have done this before you.

Can we see the menu in advance?
This is one of the fun parts…its fine dining trivia…that you figure out throughout your dining journey. Once you complete your experience you will be presented with a menu for you to review.